Over the past two years, I’ve been working on my logo that’ll represent about myself. Let’s go over to the beginning to now. There are some meaning that I want my logo to be “professional-like”.

Photo.Tiff Design

In 2018, I created my first logo Photo.Tiff Design. I sketches few logo designs and ended up with the one I like the most. Photo.Tiff comes from that I do photography and graphic design.

I know what you guys thinking, “why the Illuminati?” It’s not how I vision my logo. The reason why the camera represent an eyeball because, I have a bad right eye. I only use my good (left) eye instead my right eye. I like to take pictures that’ll catches my attention. This was my first logo I created.


This logo I created still in 2018, and once I looked at my previous logo, I decided to changed my design. So I changed my logo name from Photo.Tiff Design to TJL Photography. I tried messing around it like transparency, adding color, and etc on Photoshop. About later on, I decided to leave it on white and use 75% or 85% of transparency.

Since it became officially my logo for photography, but right now when I looked at it, I want to change it up for bit


In 2019, I created new logo, and some name changed. I sketched like 15 or more ideas for my next logo design and changed my brand name. I chose the logo and the name I want and started on Photoshop. The camera represented that I’m small freelance photographer, and the pencil represented i’m a artist. So together, it’s like I’m a graphic designer.

I really like that logo a lot because it fit my “personality” and part about myself. Unfortunately, Right now, as I looked at my logo, It doesn’t looked very professional.


This is remake of first TL Designs. So this design I created a month ago. I kept the name because it’s part who I am as a graphic designer. I sketched my design first by using my first and last name. Sometimes I tried using my initial name. I sketched 10 or more ideas until I find the right one. I had found the right logo design and edited on PSD. Then I add color on my logo, and I chose red because it represent, passion, energy, and love. I love and have passion to create. Also, energy to put a lot of effort of what I’m working on.

This design was simple, readable, and doesn’t have much details like my other logo designs.

This my Designs Evolution from 2018 to 2020.

So this is my history or evolution of my logo designs. When I looked over my old designs I had realized I have gotten better how to make a logos and getting more knowledge about graphic design. I learned so many things that I love and hate but it help me to be a artist and photography for my future career.

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